About QAssure

QAssure is a free digital service developed and managed by CCIQ – Queensland’s peak business body.

QAssure is an accreditation process which seeks to easily connect, contract ready and qualified ICT suppliers with public and private sector organisations seeking their services.

Our approval is not given without considerable checks and balances. Only ICT suppliers that are credible and fit for purpose are accredited. As a result, our QAssure tick of approval gives vendors confidence the businesses we list are registered, insured, viable and don't have ASIC form.

How accreditation works

QAssure pre-qualifies ICT suppliers assisting both suppliers the Queensland Government and private sector customers in cutting red tape and inefficiencies.

It is a streamlined, online version of the manual process previously run by the Queensland Government, and seeks to set up a win-win environment where the best Queensland ICT suppliers are ready to be selected for Queensland-based jobs.

The way it works is simple.

First, ICT suppliers register their business details online, including their capabilities, financials and insurances.

Then, after a CCIQ checking and approvals process, accredited businesses are provided with a QAssure number and are listed for 12 months on our QAssure website. Any organisation seeking an ICT professional – both public and private sector clients – can search our register.

There is no fee to search our register, or to contact an ICT professional for work.

At the end of 12 months, ICT suppliers are invited to revisit the accreditation process, or are withdrawn from the register. This way, details available at QAssure are up-to-date, and clients seeking ICT services are assured the information is always trusted, relevant and of high quality. (Notification is also sent to the Queensland Government GITC Office.)

Over 20,000 unique State Government, Local Government and private sector individuals currently access the site each month.


CCIQ is committed to helping SMEs do business. Through Qassure and various other digital platforms such as RegisterMyBusiness, NinePence, CCIQ continually develops services and platforms to assist business in Queensland.

We will continue to support and improve the trusted and proven QAssure platform, making it easier for ICT companies to gain exposure and do business.

CCIQ is Queensland’s peak business body and exists to ensure businesses reach their full potential.

Since 1868, we’ve made it our business to represent and protect Queensland businesses in every way possible.

We advocate on behalf of our members to make businesses more efficient, with our lobbyists and media experts pressuring to change policy, enact legislation and reduce red tape at all levels of government.

We listen to businesses so we can speak on their behalf, with our influence and persistence making sure everyone’s voice – big and small – gets heard.

We provide best practice employment advice to protect our members, with our expert Employer Assistance Line team offering compliance and security when it comes to issues such as workplace health and safety, awards, employee relations and dispute resolution.

We identify, research and analyse emerging industry issues to keep our members up-to-date.

We create business networks and commercial partnerships to better connect our members, with our networking team setting up connections that deliver untold opportunities to grow businesses and reduce costs.

We continue to take the lead role in creating the best possible environment for Queensland businesses to succeed, because we know that by taking care of business we’re ensuring they can reach their full potential and employ more Queenslanders.