CCIQ is now Business Chamber Queensland

About Business Ready QAssure

Business Ready QAssure is a digital service developed and managed by Business Chamber Queensland – Queensland’s peak business body.

Business Ready QAssure is an accreditation process which seeks to easily connect contract ready and qualified ICT suppliers with public and private sector organisations seeking their services.

Our approval is not given without considerable checks and balances. Only ICT suppliers that are credible and fit for purpose are accredited. As a result, our Business Ready QAssure tick of approval gives vendors confidence the businesses we list are registered, insured, viable and don't have ASIC form.

Business Ready QAssure is a digital service developed and managed by Business Chamber Queensland – Queensland’s peak business body.


How accreditation works

Business Ready QAssure qualifies ICT suppliers assisting Queensland Government procurement, local council procurement and private sector customers in cutting red tape and inefficiencies.

It seeks to set up a win-win environment where the best Queensland ICT suppliers are ready to be selected for Queensland-based jobs.

The way it works is simple.

First, ICT suppliers register their business details online, including their capabilities, financials and insurances.

Then, after Business Chamber Queensland checks and approvals process, accredited businesses are provided with a Business Ready QAssure number and are listed for 12 months on our website. Any organisation seeking an ICT professional – both public and private sector clients – can search our register.

There is no fee to search our register, or to contact an ICT professional for work.

At the end of 12 months, ICT suppliers are invited to revisit the accreditation process, or are withdrawn from the register. This way, details available are up-to-date, and clients seeking ICT services are assured the information is always trusted, relevant and of high quality.

Over 20,000 unique users access the site each month.


Membership options

Products, Benefits & Services Free SME
$432 (excl. GST)
$1730 (excl. GST)
Public listing & search
Business Ready QAssure Logo to use on own website
2 contract storage limit
Government access to ASIC verified Company Directors
Government access to Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance
Priority booking access to "How to do Business with Government" seminars
National weekly ICT Tenders notification service
ASIC tick of approval on public supplier profile page
Profile and listing on Business Chamber Queensland website
Unlimited QITC Contract creation, history and storage
Live QAssure numbers for procurement purposes
Be seen first on QAssure search engine
Priority result in Search & Listing

About Us

We know business matters.

Business Chamber Queensland puts business first.

For 155 years we have represented businesses of every industry, every size and in every part of the state. Formerly Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ), we’re an independent, not-for-profit organisation, with a rich legacy of putting Queensland business first, providing practical support backed by innovative thinking and powerful advocacy.

We help businesses prosper by supporting, educating and empowering them to capitalise on the extraordinary opportunities on offer in Queensland - now and into the future.

We are a Chamber of Commerce. We recognise the importance of this, as a state, a nation and as a global network.


What we do

Business advisory

We support Queensland businesses by providing practical solutions to operational issues.

Business sustainability

We are leading the accelerated adoption of sustainable business practices so Queensland businesses can thrive now and into the future.

Business success

We will always lead on the major issues so that Queensland is the best place to do business.

Business connection

Business Chamber Queensland events are an opportunity for Queensland’s leaders to come together to examine the major economic issues that affect the business community, plus the chance to develop one of your most valuable business assets - your network.


We know business matters.