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QAssure is the new, streamlined accreditation program for ICT suppliers wishing to be considered for Queensland Government work.

Managed by CCIQ, the QAssure register of pre-qualified suppliers is also open to public and private companies, government-owned corporations, not-for-profits and other entities.

QAssure is an online registration system providing vendors with a unique number ensuring they are accredited and qualified as an ICT Supplier for potential work with the Queensland Government. Suppliers will still need to apply for GITC accreditation, although this process is greatly simplified.

QAssure is a trusted gateway between Queensland ICT suppliers and the organisations needing their services.

For nearly 150 years, CCIQ has worked to power, support, educate and grow Queensland businesses.

In 2012, we developed a strategic interest in supporting the Queensland ICT industry, and have now assumed a significant level of leadership in this sector through state-wide research and advocacy. Through our CCIQ Technology division, we specifically advocate on issues central to the growth of Queensland’s digital economy, and seek to guide and network Queensland businesses as they develop their digital capacity and capability.

Our annual Digital Readiness Study, launched in 2012, continues to build understanding of the challenges facing Queensland businesses, specifically as they move toward a data-led, cloud-based and technology-reliant economy.

Obtaining a QAssure number is the first step in obtaining GITC accreditation.

Your accreditation doesn't guarantee you any future work, but it puts you in a position to be contacted for upcoming opportunities.

A comprehensive User Guide is available, or the CCIQ QAssure Help Desk on 1300 731 988.

For all applications the following mandatory documents or details are required

  • Legal entity name
  • Trading Name
  • ACN/ARBN (if an ACN is not supplied an ABN must be provided)
  • Company Directors
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers compensation(if the entity has employees)
  • Profit & Loss statement for past 2 years
  • Balance Sheet for past 2 years
  • Cash flow statements for past 2 years
  • Performance Guarantee (if P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements are not available)
  • Authorised person’s details to execute the Deed of Agreement in accordance with s.127 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

No, this is a non-mandatory field that has been added due to popular feedback.

For all QAssure enquiries phone 1300 731 988 or email

For all Queensland Government enquiries regarding the GITC process, please phone (07) 3719 7689 or email .

Overseas Companies are welcome to obtain QAssure Accreditation and do business in Australia.

If all form details and attachments are provided, QAssure approval should take less than 5 business days(If you check Yes in "Is GITC required?" in Section 8, you should receive GITC documents within 2 business days).

To be accredited with QAssure, you will pay $396 (including GST).

Your application fee covers the cost of moving from a manual to online system, and its continued maintenance. This payment ensures your business complies with Queensland Government accreditation requirements, and gives you access to procurement opportunities that suit your capabilities. You will be advised when your accreditation is due for renewal. CCIQ is a not-for-profit organisation.

Your accreditation begins once we have approved your application. We will then email you a QAssure number, and publish it on our website.

Your accreditation will last 12 months. Toward the end of the 12 months, we will send you an email inviting you to renew your accreditation.

We will review your registration and if you have supplied the correct financial, company and insurance information, then you will be issued with a QAssure number. Please allow five working days for this process to occur.

QAssure has been developed using 2016 Australian Government Information Security Management Controls.

The QAssure website is a public website, and businesses searching for accredited ICT suppliers are encouraged to contact QAssure suppliers.

CCIQ staff covered under employee confidentiality contracts, and government employees directly involved in the GITC process have view permissions to non-public facing supplier data. A CCIQ employee with Negative Vetting Level 1 security clearance has full access to the system and data.

If you successfully apply to be a member of QAssure, your organisation’s name, contact details and capabilities will be visible to people searching for ICT companies.

Your financial and insurance details that you supply as part of your application will not be public. See our privacy policy for more details.

All Queensland Government departments, and any public or private business can access the QAssure register and offer contracts to QAssure registered suppliers.


As indicated on the Queensland Government’s website, where a GITC contract is used for the purchase of goods and services then the vendor needs to also hold a valid QAssure number.

There is no fee to search our register, or to contact an ICT professional for work. We do not charge a handling fee. QAssure is a service aimed to assist qualified ICT suppliers network with the wider business community.

Login > Menu > Manage QAssure Application > Renew

We require new insurance certificates and 2 full years recent financial information each year. This information must be supplied for each renewal application.

If your QAssure has already expired you will need to contact us regarding your renewal: or phone 1300 731 988.

If your QAssure approval has expired or/and you are in the process of renewing your application you will not show on this page. Please contact us for further information.

Feedback from ICT suppliers was that the GITC accreditation process was cumbersome and time-consuming. The Queensland Government recognised this in 2013, and initiated a streamlined, online registration process. CCIQ has assisted in cutting through the red tape that existed and made it easier and faster for Queensland ICT suppliers to pre-register.

If you check ‘Yes’ in Section 8 of your form, you will automatically be contacted by GITC Services upon QAssure approval.

Tick yes. We will advise GITC once your renewal has been approved. Once you have obtained a GITC number this will not change.

If you have a GITC contract, and up-to date insurance and financial information, you will appear on the QAssure website until 31st December 2014. By this date you will need to renew, following the QAssure process.

If you have a GITC number, but out of date financial or insurance information, you will not appear on the QAssure website, and you will be required to apply for a QAssure number.

All ICT suppliers who wish to continue to work with the Queensland Government will need to apply through QAssure.

If you are an Overseas Incorporated Company with a presence in Australia(either through a branch office, subsidiary or even an agent) known as ‘carrying on business in Australia’, you must hold an Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) before you can apply for GITC accreditation.

Section 601CD of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act), provides that a foreign company must not carry on business in Australia unless it is registered under Division 2 (‘Foreign Bodies’) of Part 5B.2 (‘Registrable Bodies’) of the Act.

Once a foreign company has successfully been registered, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) will assign the foreign company with a unique ARBN. This ARBN must be used in your QAssure application and will also be shown on a GITC Head Agreement.

If you are a foreign company completely without any presence in Australia i.e. provide your products and/or services via the Internet from another country, other than Australia, you do not require an ARBN; provision of your country’s equivalent to an Australian Company Number (ACN) is sufficient. You may in this instance still hold an Australian Business Number (ABN), but are not obliged to obtain one.

In addition please note, if as a foreign company you do have presence in Australia you cannot submit an application for QAssure accreditation using your Australian branch’s legal entity name and its ABN. You must obtain the prerequisite ARBN in your own legal entity name. Alternatively, an option is for the Australian branch to obtain QAssure accreditation and as the foreign company you could act as either an Approved Party or an Approved Party Agent.

For detailed information please refer to the Corporations Act 2001. To apply for an ARBN go to: Registering an Australian Body.

Due to feedback and a streamlining of services, your GITC number will now appear on your supplier detail page and in your logged in administration area, once approved by Qld Govt.

Please contact Queensland Government, GITC Services directly at or Ph 07 3719 7689.

Please contact Queensland Government, GITC Services directly at or Ph 07 3719 7689.

Phone 07 3719 7689 or email (there is also a Contact GITC button in your logged in administrator area)..