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Business Ready QAssure is a streamlined contract ready program to assist ICT suppliers wishing to verify their business credentials to be prepared for consideration for Queensland Government, Council work and private enterprise procurement.

Managed by Business Chamber Queensland, the Business Ready QAssure register of pre-qualified suppliers is also open to public and private companies, government-owned corporations, not-for-profits, and other entities.

Business Ready QAssure is an online registration system providing vendors with a unique number and public listing of Company details and sales contacts. Additionally, Business Ready QAssure is a publicly available website which 20,000+ unique Government and public users access each month to identify contract ready businesses.

Business Ready QAssure is a trusted gateway between Queensland ICT suppliers and the organisations needing their services.

General and Comprehensive contracts will be available in Business Ready QAssure, saving time, effort and duplication.

Contracts can be filled out once, stored in a central repository and updated online.

Unlimited contract storage for SME and Enterprise plans. A limit of 2 for Free.

Login > Menu > QITC Contracts > New Contract > Save

The Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) framework replaces the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework from 1st September 2017, as the basis for all procurement of information and communications technology (ICT) Products and Services for Queensland Government.

Obtaining a Business Ready QAssure number is no longer a mandatory requirement for DSITI, however it clearly indicates to Government and Private enterprises that you have successfully completed the first step in meeting the QITC contracting framework obligations.

The 20,000+ unique monthly visitors to Business Ready QAssure include users from all Government departments, who now have to perform their own checks and due diligence. Business Ready QAssure will remain as a public resource for these departments.

Your accreditation doesn't guarantee you any future work, but it puts you in a position to be contacted for upcoming opportunities.

For all applications the following mandatory documents or details are required

  • Legal entity name
  • Trading Name
  • ACN/ARBN (if an ACN is not supplied an ABN must be provided)
  • Company Directors
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers compensation(if the entity has employees)
  • Profit & Loss statement for past 2 years
  • Balance Sheet for past 2 years
  • Cash flow statements for past 2 years
  • Performance Guarantee (if P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements are not available)
  • Authorised person’s details to execute the Deed of Agreement in accordance with s.127 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

No, this is a non-mandatory field that has been added due to popular feedback.

Overseas Companies are welcome to obtain QAssure Accreditation and do business in Australia.

For less than $1/day your business can have an SME listing

Your contract ready accreditation begins once we have approved your application. We will then email you a QAssure number, and publish it on our website.

Your accreditation will last 12 months. Toward the end of the 12 months, we will send you an email inviting you to renew your accreditation.

We will review your application and if you have supplied the correct financial, company and insurance information, then you will be issued with a Business Ready QAssure number. Please allow five working days for this process to occur. Your Company will then appear on the public search and have its own Supplier details listing.

Business Ready QAssure has been developed using 2016 Australian Government Information Security Management Controls.

Business Chamber Queensland staff covered under employee confidentiality contracts, and government employees directly involved in the QITC process have view permissions to non-public facing supplier data. A Business Chamber Queensland employee with Negative Vetting Level 1 security clearance has full access to the system and data.

Business Chamber Queensland aims to help SMEs do business with Government and cut red tape. Business Ready QAssure contracts saves time, money, and unnecessary duplication once your template is set up. Business Ready QAssure pre-populates your contracts and creates a template for further use.

SME & Enterprise plans allow comprehensive Company information, Capability listing and Executive Summary

To qualify as an indigenous business, a business must either:

  • be at least 50% owned by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people;
  • employ at least 75% Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people;
  • be an equal joint venture agreement with a majority-owned Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander business entity.

From 1st September 2017, it is not necessary to hold a QAssure number for ICT contracts under $1 million, however each of the 27 Government departments will still conduct their own due diligence on Company information, capabilities, modules, financial information, insurances, and currency.

We aim to make this easier and more convenient for both the customer and the supplier and the government in this process.

Login > Menu > Manage Business Ready QAssure Application > Renew

If your QAssure approval has expired or/and you are in the process of renewing your application you will not show on this page. Please contact us for further information.

A list of current Capabilities provided by the supplier is available on the public supplier details page.

But for full details please contact Queensland Government

  1. Proves you are contract ready
  2. Identifies you as an SME
  3. A single trusted source for all 27 Qld Government Departments
  4. Identifies where you are located on a map
  5. Saves you time & cuts red tape
  6. Makes it easier for departments to work with you
  7. Eliminates cross department duplication of service
  8. Opens up opportunities with local government and private sectors
  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Partnership
  2. Agriculture and Fisheries
  3. Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
  4. Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
  5. Education & Training
  6. Electoral Commission Queensland
  7. Energy & Water Supply
  8. Environment and Heritage Protection
  9. Housing and Public Works
  10. Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
  11. Inspector-General Emergence Management
  12. Justice and Attorney-General
  13. Legal Aid Queensland
  14. National Parks, Sport and Racing
  15. Natural Resources and Mining
  16. Premier and Cabinet
  17. Public Safety Business Agency
  18. Public Service Commissioner
  19. Queensland Ambulance Service
  20. Queensland Fire and Emergence Services
  21. Queensland Health
  22. Queensland Police Services
  23. Queensland Treasury
  24. Science, Information Technology and Innovation
  25. State Development
  26. Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games
  27. Transport and Main Roads

You can find your supplier listing on the find a supplier page If you wish to find out more information on your membership level please call us on 1300 731 988.

Your accreditation runs 12 months from your set renewal date. If you have current QAssure accreditation you are covered until your expiry date listed in your Business Ready QAssure portal. If you would like to upgrade to Business Ready QAssure, please contact us at 1300 731 988.

If you have a GITC or QITC contract, and up-to date insurance and financial information, you will not appear on the Business Ready QAssure website unless you follow the Business Ready QAssure application process.

This will guarantee your business appears on the Business Ready QAssure website which is viewed by over 20,000 unique users each month.

If you have a GITC number, but out of date financial, company or insurance information within Business Ready QAssure, you will not appear on the Business Ready QAssure website, and you will be required to apply for a Business Ready QAssure number.

All Queensland Government departments, and any public or private business can access the Business Ready QAssure register and offer contracts to Business Ready QAssure registered suppliers.

The Business Ready QAssure website is a public website, and businesses searching for accredited ICT suppliers are encouraged to contact Business Ready QAssure suppliers, over 20,000 searches take place each month.

For all Business Ready QAssure enquiries phone 1300 731 988 or email

For all Queensland Government enquiries regarding the QITC process, please phone (07) 3719 7689 or email

Business Ready QAssure is a simple online form. Once you have registered and receive your login details, it is a simple step-by-step process. The Business Chamber Queensland Team can assist on 1300 731 988.