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Business Ready QAssure Details
Business Ready QAssure number
GITC/QITC Number Q-2296
Legal Entity Name Redflex Traffic Systems Pty Ltd
Trading Entity Name Redflex Traffic Systems Pty Ltd
Website Address
Street Address 31 Market St, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205, Australia
Phone Number +61 406 614 423
Small-to-medium Business (SME) No
Indigenous Business No
To qualify as an indigenous business, a business must either: be at least 50% owned by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people; employ at least 75% Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people; be an equal joint venture agreement with a majority-owned Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander business entity.
Cyber Security Insurance Coverage Expires 17/10/2023
Financial Check Yes
General Contract No
Comprehensive Contract No
Bespoke Contract No
Supplier's Terms and Conditions No
Commencement Date 10/09/2014
Review Date 20/04/2024
ACN/ARBN/Overseas Org No. 006403925
ABN 74006403925
Postal Address 31 Market St, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205, Australia
Fax Number
Sales Contact Mr Victor Wardrop +61 405 106 218
Executive Summary With the acquisition by VM Consilidated, Inc. of Redflex Holdings Limited, now known as Redflex Holdings Pty Ltd, (and its subsidiaries, including Redflex Traffic Systems Pty Ltd (Redflex), Redflex is part of the Verra Mobility corporate group. American Traffic Solutions, Inc., subsidiary to VM Consolidated, Inc. and Redflex Holdings Pty Ltd and their subsidiaries operate as one business unit of Verra Mobility Corporation, our ultimate parent company. We refer to this business unit as Verra Mobility in our response. Verra Mobility Corporation is a public company registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with its shares traded on Nasdaq under the trading symbol VRRM. Verra Mobility is one of the largest photo enforcement solutions companies worldwide – partnering with cities, communities, law enforcement agencies, transportation departments, and school districts to make mobility safer and easier.
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